Alumni Veterans Walkway


J.I. Case High School has found a way of honoring its Alumni Veterans. Five years ago we create a “Tribute Walkway” which is located at the front of the school going to the flagpole.


We are continuing to raise money for bricks, but to also beautify the area around the flagpole. Please consider honoring yourself, family member or friend and classmate with a walkway brick.


During this time of giving and reflection what better gift could you give to your family or loved one than a gift brick that will give back every time you drive past or visit the school?

Bricks (8”x 4”) for alumni veterans will be placed at the base of the memorial for a donation of $50. (20 Characters / Line).

Line 1 – Alumni’s Name

Line 2 – Year of graduation from J.I. Case High School

Line 3 – Branch of Military Service



8” x 4” Community Paver/Brick ($100) for Community Organizations

8” x 8” Community Paver/Brick ($200) for Community Organizations


Your help will make this “Tribute Walkway” a place the whole community will be proud to visit.


The name of each veteran remembered in this dignified walkway recalls the duty each one bore and the sacrifices of the ones they left behind.

Below is a link to download an order form for an Alumni Veteran Brick.

Alumni Veteran Brick Order Form